Better Than Theraflu

I picked up this tea looking for a good sickness remedy. Seems fitting that about a week after the tea arrived, I had a massive cold. The kind where you just want to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling and hope your head doesn’t explode and the nausea doesn’t escalate. If your head explodes while you’re nauseous, would you vomit too? Then you’d have like, fountains of blood and vomit. That’s like a double rainbow

Regardless, the tea actually proved beneficial while I was sick. My taste buds were on hiatus so there wasn’t much tasting going on. Only the ginger and some sweetness came through. Today my buds are perfectly functioning and I can actually taste/smell the rest of the tea.

Dry: Pleasant and promising smell from the busy looking tea. A little sweet, a little citrusy, a little spicy.

Brewing: Wabi Sabi Teapot, 1tsp/8oz ratio, 212*, 5m 30s (recommended by takgoti on steepster)

Aroma: The wet tea smells like a muffin. A delicious, warm, fluffy, moist, orangey gingery cranberry-y muffin that’s just out of the oven. Great Harvest Bread Co makes an orange cranberry loaf. The wet tea smells like the loaf tastes. The liquor however, smells more of the ginger and spices and less sweet overall. Smells like exactly what you want when it’s cold and miserable outside or when you’re ill. Warm and toasty.

Flavor: The sweetness is toned down and more citrus shines through. Much more lemon, which I didn’t notice so much in the aroma. Can definitely taste the ginger. It’s a kind and easy amount of ginger that doesn’t burn but gently warms. Pleasantly peppery. Becomes sweeter and less spicy as it cools. I gotta wonder about the schizandra berries though. There are supposed to be schizandra berries. WTH are schizandra berries. That might have been the cranberry-esque scent I was picking up in the wet tea. Can’t really say that it stands out in the liquor though.Reminds me of Shazam! Fortunately the berries are less terrible than the movie. All flavors play well together though. Goes down smooth.

Health Benefits: Definitely has warming properties. Also fairly soothing for nausea.

Favorite ginger tea right now. Also favorite orange tea. Also favorite schizam! berry tea. However, I did not see Jesus riding a unicorn outside my window as takgoti claimed. Maybe it’s just too gloomy outside for Jesus to do any unicorn riding today. You know where it’s not gloomy? In my cup of Orange Ginger.

What: Orange Ginger by Samovar
Type: Herbal
Cost: $19 for 5.2oz ($3.66/oz)
Cost per Cup: tbd
Resteeps: 0 – You can resteep it but it’s a shadow of what it was on the first go.
Tea Score: 90 – I’ll be playing with the steeping on this one to try to get even bigger flavor out of it.
Cupboard Score: 95 – I need you orange ginger – on those days where I’m sick and cold and it sucks.

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