Tea Tank is a blog made primarily for myself so I can keep track of all the teas I’ve tried. There are just too many teas to remember. If you happen to read my ramblings and feel inspired to comment, go for it. If you read about a tea and decide to try it yourself, that’s great. If you were previously uninitiated to the world of tea and read this glorious blog and decide that yes, the Tea is calling and thus convert to Teaism. Fantastic. If you’re a tea company and would like to send me samples to feed my addiction, I mean to review, well… that’s just swell.

OolongLily has been a tea drinker for a long time. The early years were fraught with the terrible tea dustings of various fruit-laced ceylons, stale Stash’s, underwhelming Tazo’s, and even… Liptons. Approximately two years ago she came across some of Teatulia’s fare. And lo, it was as tho the tea gods came down from the heavens and bestowed a light upon young Lily, and twas then she knew that yes, there is actually tea worth drinking and enjoying without pouring egregious amounts of whiskey in it for a toddy.

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