Five Nights of Forte (1 of 5)

Tea Forte was offering samples for feedback so I signed up. Yay free samples. Gonna be an herbal party!

The samples came in a neat little package. Nicely done. The leaf sticker is a nice personal touch. Shows that the business took care in assembling the sample presentation. Opening the package unleashes an unruly fruity onslaught. Ew. I hope it gets better from here. I think I smell blueberries…

…but first, Apricot Amaretto.

Wow. Out of the packet it smells good. I get apricots and… it actually smells like amaretto? Yes it does!  Post-brew it smells more like candied fruit and less amaretto-y. Mmm. This is actually pretty good. I get the apricot/peach flavor, a little bit of almond, and that amaretto-y tang. I’d like a little bigger flavor from the fruit but overall it’s an enjoyable herbal. Actually it seems to get better as I finish the cup. The sweetness comes out more when it’s not quite so hot (though it’s too weak when it’s finally cool). Nice. I need to snag a bottle of peach schnapps now to pair with my bottle of Disaronno.

What: Apricot Amaretto by Tea Forte
Type: Herbal
Cost: $8.95 for 20 servings
Cost per Cup: $0.45/cup
Resteeps: 2
Tea Score: 75 – Good flavor even though you have to hunt for it a bit.
Cupboard Score: 55 – I’d drink it if it was around but I wouldn’t go out and buy it.

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