If it’s not judged by numbers, it’s not important. Here’s a breakdown of the tea stats posted at the end of every review:

Cost: Cost per oz, as advertised and/or as bought. If there was a sale it will be noted.

Cost per Cup: Determined using the cost per oz and how many cups can be made per ounce. Typically calculated using the information proposed by the company regarding how many cups can be made per ounce and how many infusions are typical. If I actually get fewer solid infusions than advertised, I’ll use that figure instead and note it.

Tea Score: 100 point scale based on the tea alone. Because tea should be scored based on it’s own merits and at no fault of the terrible marketing of the company or any company influences in general (i.e. pricing, distribution, etc).

  • 100  I can’t imagine it being any better.
  • 90  Awesome. Love it.
  • 75 Good.
  • 50 Meh.
  • 25 Really not my thing. Blech.
  • 10 Terrible. I feel bad the drain has to drink it.
  • 0 I can’t imagine it being any worse.

Cupboard Score: 100 point scale based on how much I want/need it in my cupboard. It’s a more practical score for me. I may find a tea that’s a 100 for flavor and such but costs eleventy billion dollars and therefore does not belong in my cupboard on a regular basis or at all. In contrast I may find a tea that’s a 55 in tea-ness but it might have a place in my cupboard because it cures the common cold.

  • 100 If it’s not in my cupboard something’s getting stabbed.
  • 90 Needs to be in my cupboard.
  • 75 I’d like to have it around but if it’s not, no biggie.
  • 50 Meh. Could take it or leave it.
  • 25 It sits in my cupboard like an unwanted stepchild. I don’t want anything to do with it but I feel bad about tossing it out. It needs to find a good home instead of sitting in the back of my cupboard.
  • 10 Too terrible to give to friends. Acceptable to give to enemies.
  • 0 This tea needs to be put down or set on fire.

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