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Tea of Procrastination – Quick and Dirty Oolong

23 Aug

I haven’t posted in awhile because it took forever to get those Tea Forte pics off the camera, through Photoshop, and uploaded to the blog. I didn’t want to post until I was all caught up and I had time to get photos of a new tea. Read: I got bored amidst sifting through the many photos and procrastinated a lot. In fact, I’m procrastinating now. Yes, I’m writing about tea to procrastinate on something else. I have new bedroom furniture coming in this week. The old furniture gets moved tomorrow morning, in approximately eight hours, and my room is still a disaster, I mean, still has a lived in look. I know where everything is! It’s an organized chaos! Shh…

So I’ve got a lot of work. I’m really tired. I need caffeine – but not so much that I’ll stay up until the morning. I want an oolong, but most of my oolongs are the kind you sit, sip, experience, and enjoy, and I don’t have time for that tonight. Time to bring out Utopia Tea’s Oolong Formosa. (more…)

Five Nights of Forte (5 of 5)

8 Aug

It’s the fifth and final tea tonight from Tea Forte’s Herbal Retreat sampler. This is the only one without an alcoholic beverage related title. The others were amaretto, merlot, mojito, and cosmo. This is just kiwi lime ginger. Seems a little out of place. I do like all three title ingredients though. Hopefully they play nice together. (more…)

Five Nights of Forte (4 of 5)

7 Aug

It’s the home stretch for the herbals. Tonight’s cocktail is Cherry Cosmo. I’m not to hopeful for this one. With the first two ingredients being rose hips and hibiscus and nothing really to sweeten it out, this could have a serious pucker factor. The back of the packet mentions a “fragrant delighting of hibiscus blossoms and faint whispers of raspberry.” We’ll see if it’s fragrantly delightful.


Five Nights of Forte (3 of 5)

6 Aug

I’m at the middle of the sampler tonight, with Mojito Marmalade. I don’t expect much from anything mojito-y these days, since the best mojitos have calamansi limes in them and we don’t have those here in Ameri-kuh. Not in Portland anyway. Or I don’t think we do. We should. Although I guess this is more mojito-flavored marmalade instead of marmalade flavored mojito.


Five Nights of Forte (2 of 5)

5 Aug

And now for the blueberries. Blueberry Merlot anyway. On this fine late Thursday night, early Friday morning, it’s time to break out the next in the herbal sampler from Tea Forte. Hopefully it’ll do just as well if not better than Apricot Amaretto.


Five Nights of Forte (1 of 5)

3 Aug

Tea Forte was offering samples for feedback so I signed up. Yay free samples. Gonna be an herbal party!

The samples came in a neat little package. Nicely done. The leaf sticker is a nice personal touch. Shows that the business took care in assembling the sample presentation. Opening the package unleashes an unruly fruity onslaught. Ew. I hope it gets better from here. I think I smell blueberries…

…but first, Apricot Amaretto. (more…)