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Tea Forte’s Skin Smart (4 of 5)

2 Feb

I hate apartment hunting. So much lol. Everything is so expensive these days. It’s ridiculous. It’s either too expensive or too old or in a bad neighborhood or was designed by a retarded monkey. The fireplace does NOT belong in the middle of the apartment! The heating vents do NOT belong on the valuable wall space. In one of my many other lives, I will design apartments that won’t drive people crazy, and there will be much rejoicing. In the meantime, I will rejoice about tea. This swiss apple was pretty damn good actually… (more…)

Five Nights of Forte (5 of 5)

8 Aug

It’s the fifth and final tea tonight from Tea Forte’s Herbal Retreat sampler. This is the only one without an alcoholic beverage related title. The others were amaretto, merlot, mojito, and cosmo. This is just kiwi lime ginger. Seems a little out of place. I do like all three title ingredients though. Hopefully they play nice together. (more…)

Five Nights of Forte (4 of 5)

7 Aug

It’s the home stretch for the herbals. Tonight’s cocktail is Cherry Cosmo. I’m not to hopeful for this one. With the first two ingredients being rose hips and hibiscus and nothing really to sweeten it out, this could have a serious pucker factor. The back of the packet mentions a “fragrant delighting of hibiscus blossoms and faint whispers of raspberry.” We’ll see if it’s fragrantly delightful.


Five Nights of Forte (3 of 5)

6 Aug

I’m at the middle of the sampler tonight, with Mojito Marmalade. I don’t expect much from anything mojito-y these days, since the best mojitos have calamansi limes in them and we don’t have those here in Ameri-kuh. Not in Portland anyway. Or I don’t think we do. We should. Although I guess this is more mojito-flavored marmalade instead of marmalade flavored mojito.


Five Nights of Forte (2 of 5)

5 Aug

And now for the blueberries. Blueberry Merlot anyway. On this fine late Thursday night, early Friday morning, it’s time to break out the next in the herbal sampler from Tea Forte. Hopefully it’ll do just as well if not better than Apricot Amaretto.


Five Nights of Forte (1 of 5)

3 Aug

Tea Forte was offering samples for feedback so I signed up. Yay free samples. Gonna be an herbal party!

The samples came in a neat little package. Nicely done. The leaf sticker is a nice personal touch. Shows that the business took care in assembling the sample presentation. Opening the package unleashes an unruly fruity onslaught. Ew. I hope it gets better from here. I think I smell blueberries…

…but first, Apricot Amaretto. (more…)

Zombie Licorice Apocalypse

29 Jul

Utopia Tea had a promotion a few weekends ago where every third order would receive extra tea, movie tickets, and a restaurant-style teapot. I guess I was in a promotion-y mood as I recall thinking, “OMG YEAH! FREE STUFF!”, before pulling out my credit card. I’m not hard to please – sometimes. Just goes to show that free shit (or a chance at free shit, sadly) might be enough to move you up on my purchase list. Free shit’s always better. Utopia was probably sixth in line. Turns out I won, so all’s well. Except for the chamomile. I don’t know about the chamomile. (more…)

Chamomile Nights! Ballad Of The Lotus Blossoms

27 Jul

The past few nights I’ve been trying to make friends with Utopia Tea’s vanilla chamomile blend. It came in the mail last week, was the first I opened from my order, and I still can’t find a way to dig it. I’ve got a few options left but I need a night off. Raiding the recesses of my cupboard produced Stash’s Chamomile Nights – an old standby from back in the day when my doctors were full of fail and didn’t know what else to do about my insomnia. It wasn’t successful, but it was my first introduction to tea brands other than the ones in my grandmother’s cupboard. She enjoys a good Lipton, so Stash, Tazo and the like were an improvement over what I grew up with. I love my grandma but I could never love Lipton. (more…)

Better Than Theraflu

21 Jul

I picked up this tea looking for a good sickness remedy. Seems fitting that about a week after the tea arrived, I had a massive cold. The kind where you just want to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling and hope your head doesn’t explode and the nausea doesn’t escalate. If your head explodes while you’re nauseous, would you vomit too? Then you’d have like, fountains of blood and vomit. That’s like a double rainbow

Regardless, the tea actually proved beneficial while I was sick. My taste buds were on hiatus so there wasn’t much tasting going on. Only the ginger and some sweetness came through. Today my buds are perfectly functioning and I can actually taste/smell the rest of the tea. (more…)