Tea Forte’s Skin Smart (4 of 5)

I hate apartment hunting. So much lol. Everything is so expensive these days. It’s ridiculous. It’s either too expensive or too old or in a bad neighborhood or was designed by a retarded monkey. The fireplace does NOT belong in the middle of the apartment! The heating vents do NOT belong on the valuable wall space. In one of my many other lives, I will design apartments that won’t drive people crazy, and there will be much rejoicing. In the meantime, I will rejoice about tea. This swiss apple was pretty damn good actually…

Dry: Smells like apples and flowers. A smidge of cinnamon. Almost like a flowery apple pie.

Brewing: Standard Tea Bag, 1 bag/8oz, “almost boiling”, 5min (Smells really great while brewing actually.)

Aroma: Smells like pie. Apple pie.

Flavor: Now that’s a sweet treat. I’m not sure I taste the chocolate, but I do taste the apple and cinnamon. The rooibos is a nice, sweet backdrop for the apple. There’s a sort of creaminess to it. Maybe that’s the chocolate. This is pretty great though. The blend has almost a dessert-like sweetness to it but also a gentle warming quality because of the cinnamon. It’s a great nightcap, especially on a cold winter day like today. Pretty awesome.

What: Swiss Apple by Tea Forte
Type: Herbal Tea, Rooibos, Flavored
Cost: $6.00/16 bags ($0.38/bag)
Cost per Cup: $0.38
Resteeps: 1
Tea Score: 79 – Really great late night dessert tea. And this was only the bagged version! I imagine the loose tea is even better.
Cupboard Score: 70 – It’d be nice to have this one around. I don’t really have a good late night dessert tea right now…

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