A Magic Carpet Ride

Oh. My. Tea. I slept last night. It’s a miracle. I slept nine hours. NINE hours. I wonder if it was the Cherry Marzipan from last night. If it was, I need to buy more. Now. In fact, I got so much sleep that I’m awake enough to do a tea review early today, before martial arts. Amazing.

I saw the sample offer from Magic Carpet Tea and decided to jump on it. Oolong with dates you say? Yes, please. Interest in an oolong sample requires no explanation but you may be wondering, dates? Really? I like dates. You know why? Because Indiana Jones likes them. I know you’ve seen Raiders Of The Lost Ark. If you haven’t, get out. Right now. Don’t come back until you’ve watched it.

Dry: Smells delicious. Kind of sweet and smokey/woodsy. Plenty of oolong. Plenty of dates. THEY’RE DATES, MARION!

Brewing: Single Steeper Thingy, 1tsp/8oz, 180*, 3min

Aroma: The brewed leaf smells soooooooooooooo good. Oman. Excited. It’s like the anticipation before opening the Ark of the Covenant.

Flavor: Win! Much like the Ark of the Covenant, it’s melting my face off with awesome. The roasted, woodsy, formosa flavor pairs extremely well with the dates. Good call Magic Carpet Tea! Sweet, with an almost honeyed flavor, it has a strong warming quality. If you’re not the biggest fan of dates, the prominent smell of the fruit in the dry tea might be a little off-putting. Give it a chance. They’re not overbearing in the liquor at all. The unique date flavor really complements the oolong and just adds a natural, pleasant sweetness. I can see this being delicious iced as well, but screw that. I’m not waiting today. It’s already delicious while warm and it’s cold here in Portland. This is like the Indiana Jones of tea. Strong and rugged yet sweet enough to be charming and sexy. No bad dates here. Indiana Jones approves.

What: Magic Carpet Tea by Magic Carpet Tea
Type: Oolong, Flavored
Cost: $4.50/oz
Cost per Cup: tbd
Resteeps: 2
Tea Score: 85 – May increase during the remainder of the courtship.
Cupboard Score: 78 – May also increase.

One thought on “A Magic Carpet Ride

  1. I like dates, as well. Not sure I’d like them in tea, but I’d certainly give it a try.

    You make it sound delicious.

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