Steepster Select – August 2011 – Summer Lovin’ (3 of 3)


So much tea. So little time of late. Actually there has still been much tea. Just prescription tea. Yes, one of my prescribed medications, so to speak, is a tea. Which is awesome. Just not awesome for trying new teas. After drinking 4-8 cups of this tea a day, I’m not in the mood to reflect on a new tea. But before I move on to the one new tea I’ve been drinking lately, this is what I’ve been drinking: Honso Kampo Forumlas. And it makes me wonder, why aren’t these popular here yet? I mean really, if they’ve got the excellent statistics from well controlled clinical trials to back up the formulas, it sounds good to me. Two cups, two times a day of the appropriate herbs and you’ll be feeling better without the pain in the ass side effects of more chemical drugs. In fact, why isn’t tea in general more of a medically prescribed thing? I don’t mean in the sense that you have to go to a pharmacy for it, but more in the, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” recommendation. It should be part of a standard health regiment. I’ve seen tea work its way into health publications in terms of weight loss, but just not as a good practice yet. Time to investigate! But first, the new tea…

The last of the August Steepster Sampler! It’s okay, I will totally catch up now. In all fairness they skipped right over September and into October so I’m only one sampler behind, and actually it’s still October so all’s good!

Dry: Lots of flowers. A bit of tea. And more flowers. And then some flowers too. Very floral. Not unpleasant in general. I like jasmine perfume, but it seems like it could be a bit much for tea. I don’t like drinking perfume.

Brewing: Single Cup Strainer…thingy, 1tsp/6oz ratio, 180*, 2min

Aroma: Less flowery. Really pleasant and almost relaxing.

Flavor:  Delicious and oh so smooth. Good clean white tea flavor. Subtle jasmine flavoring. Really liking this one. Very soothing actually. Not too much to say about it other than “Mmm mmm good.” Simple. Sweet. Tasty.

This has been working into my tea drinking as an evening tea. White teas have less of a caffeine punch (though I should probably check on that some day) and it has a nice, light flavor for the evening. Jasmine, to me, always reminds me of summer – particularly summer evenings where a gentle breeze carries the sweet, delicate fragrance from the potted jasmines on the patio. This tea evokes that perfectly, which is very cool since it’s very much fall right now… Excellent evening tea.

What: Dragon Pearl Jasmine by Red Blossom Tea Company
Type: White Tea, Scented
Cost: $12.50 for 2oz
Cost per Cup: tbd
Resteeps: 2
Tea Score: 92 – Very awesome jasmine scented white. The jasmine isn’t overwhelming and it doesn’t taste like soap or perfume.
Cupboard Score: 80 – Great for the early evening with a slightly lower caffeine content. Could see missing this when my sampler packs are gone and possibly having to order more.

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