Steepster Select – August 2011 – Summer Lovin’

Fall is finally here, for better or worse. Sucks that we only had about one month of summer in Portland. On the other hand, it does mean that I’m in the mood for tea again. Not that I don’t drink tea when it’s 90+ degrees outside. I just don’t drink it for very long or necessarily feel like going through the process of reviewing a tea. My summer tea drinking is more on a drink and run schedule. Too nice and warm outside to be sitting in a dark, air conditioned house in front of a screen. We have enough dark and dismal months here in Oregon. Ew. Time to dig into the first Steepster Select box!

I jumped on this pretty quickly. Three mystery teas every month for $19? Okay! In retrospect, it’s not the soundest tea purchase. Could potentially be three teas that I hate. Why do I always jump on promotions like this? At least I didn’t buy three pints of oysters. No one needs that many oysters. Way to go, Henry.

I’m glad the first month didn’t disappoint. Before getting into the tea, let’s look at the packaging.

Nicely done, Steepster guys. Steepster logo branded on the side. Cute little box. Sexy little black sample bags that say, “sexy tea party time.” Pro looking labels that list the name, type, and origin of the tea, as well as the company. Steeping directions on the label. Two postcards on nice card stock. One talking about the program and the summer theme for the teas (good iced or hot), as well as brief descriptions of each of the three teas. The other card has tips for brewing the perfect cup of tea as well as a personalized, handwritten note on the reverse side and a clean diagram on how to use the bonus strainer included. Of course, there was also a bonus single cup strainer in the pack as well. Awesome. It’s a great looking, well designed little package. I love that there’s a personalized note too.

And now for the tea.

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